New Service and LEV Test Engineer

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We are really pleased to introduce Lee Dickson our new Service and LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Test Engineer.

Lee is a certified LEV Engineer with P601 (Thorough Examination and Testing of Substances) and P602 (Basic Design Principles of LEV Systems) qualifications. Lee will be our primary LEV Test Engineer, helping to ensure that all our customers comply with COSHH (Control of substances Hazardous to Health) regulations that require most LEV systems to be thoroughly tested every 12-14 months. (There are certain instances where LEV testing is required to be more frequent, see our website for more details:

Lee has primarily had previous experience doing LEV Testing in off shore environments and is excited at the prospect of developing the LEV Testing side of APS.

APS UK Ltd also design and install LEV systems, extracting dust and/or fume to carry away airborne contaminants before they can be breathed in.  Part of having a LEV system is ensuring it is working adequately and annually tested. As HSE website states: "The law is that the employer must maintain LEV system performance and should also arrange a thorough examination and test at least every 14 months."


LEV Testing Equipment

We carry out LEV Testing across the UK, if you would like a free quotation please get in touch with our office on 01904 215101 or email us on [email protected]